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You know the risks you face each day as a roofer or roofing contractor. One fall from a roof or ladder can cause severe injuries that could compromise your ability to do your job and earn an income. There are also the risks of property or equipment damage, and injury to your employees or subcontractors and others near the job site. Roofers insurance is critical for you, your liability protection, and the well-being of your business and assets.

Important Insurance for Roofers to Consider

Roofing contractor insurance comes in many forms. The specific coverage you will need depends on the nature of your business, whether you hire staff or subcontractors, and whether you work year-round. In colder climates, some roofers only work 8 or 9 months out of the year, and may devote the coldest months to snow removal or other side jobs. Your business is unique, and the combination of coverage that makes up your roofing contractor insurance portfolio should be tailored to you.

General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors

Now let's examine the details of a general liability or roofers liability policy. It would protect your business in these six areas:

Bodily injury: Protects you if anyone is physically injuried at your place of business, or if you or an employee are responsible for injury to a non-employee at a jobsite
Personal injury: Covers any damage to the reputation or rights of another person or business; includes issues like slander, libel, copyright infringement, privacy, wrongful arrest or eviction
Advertising injury: Covers any claims of loss by your customers due to a product or service you advertised
Medical payments: Covers the medical expenses of someone injured on your property regardless of fault; this coverage can work as a "good will" gesture to avoid a lawsuit
Independent contractors liability: Covers any damage caused by an independent contractor that you

What Other Coverages Make Sense for a Roofer?

As a roofer or roofing contractor, here are a few more options you may want to consider, depending on your concerns and the nature of your work. Sometimes these can be added to the business owners policy or you can purchase them as stand-alone coverages.

Tools and equipment floater: This can normally be added to your property damage coverage. It covers any leased or owned specialized tools and equipment for your roofing business.
Inland marine insurance: This insures your tools and equipment while they are being transported from jobsite to jobsite. It is especially important if you store your tools and equipment in your truck or other vehicle.
Commercial vehicle insurance: This covers all your cars, trucks, vans, specialized trucks (bucket truck, flatbed truck, dump truck etc.) used for business purposes.
Work performance bonds: While these are not strictly insurance policies, bonds provide a work guarantee and may be required, particularly if you do commercial or municipal roofing jobs.

Insurance for roofers is complex and it is important to get the guidance of a knowledgeable agent to make the right choices for your business. The result will be coverage tailored to your needs, including protection for your assets to give you peace of mind. Call Front Range Insurance today! 




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