James McCarthy

James McCarthy

Transportation / Factoring Specialist

Jim McCarthy leveraged his early experience in the insurance industry managing a diverse group of 27 agents for a regional insurance company.

Most recently, as a BDM ( Business Development Manager ) for a large factoring company, Jim was responsible for recruiting and developing relationships in Colorado, Nebraska,. Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico.  He was also primary contact for numerous oil and gas companies and transportation companies in need of factoring solutions.  Jim was instrumental to help  fund multiple projects for these companies.  Jim  was involved in the rating, pricing and marketing of over $250MM in factored proceeds.

As a focused Transportation / Factoring Specialist,  Jim brings a high level of attention and detail rarely seen in the industry.  Jim  is highly  driven and specialized in helping truckers and oil and gas clients by  providing innovative insurance and factoring solutions.

Jim is a member of the Front Range Insurance & Financial Services Transportation and Factoring division holding a resident producer's license in Colorado and can assist with out of state as well.  

At Front Range Insurance & Financial Services, it's anything but usual. We're simplifying the way you work with your insurance agent, by being more accessible, efficient, and creative in everything we do. Jim's goal is to provide a client-centered, forward-thinking insurance and factoring experience. 

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